In my youth I developed a passion for photography which evolved into a desire to tell stories visually. The path I thought I would take in life wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t until decades later the opportunity to tell the visual stories became a reality. I began pursuing stories which presented a personal risk, require action by people and appeal to our hearts.

I am patriot. I was one well before I enlisted into the US Air Force. I am passionate about our nation and what could be done if people would get past skin color, nationality, and what is in it for me. I wanted to create stories to educate, get people involved, and bring healing to our nation. Make our nation one to watch out for the oppressed, to be the hero.

Our nations biggest problem are professional politicians, who have their own motives and let their position think they are more important than they are. Americans are important. It doesn’t matter whether a person is a doctor, teacher, sailor or president, none of us is above the other.

Our differences come from what is in our hearts. Some people’s hearts are misguided because of lies and selfish motivation of others. Then there are people whose hearts are filled with a darkness, they deliberately what to harm innocent people. Groups and leaders like the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Barack Hussein Obama, Al Qaeda, and even the protesters in Ferguson Missouri. We can bring an end to the division.

Well…..April 15th 2011 my life changed again. The passionate pursuit of a final career was shattered in the early evening when my feet left the top rail of a eight foot cyclone fence. When I saw the x-ray of my right ankle and knee I thought I would be o the injured reserve list for a few months and I would be back at creating stories in a few months.

The injury has put me on the permanent disabled roster. It has taken me four years to accept this situation. I have tried to fight back, my mind is willing but the damage is too much at this point. So I will be on a hiatus until I find a treatment to alleviate the daily pain and allow me to walk normally. Till then God bless and make the world a better place for everyone.