Welcome to Believe Fotografie


2009 I began a new career and it came to a screeching halt April 15, 2011. I suffered an injury that changed my life in a way I never expected. I thought I would continue to pursue Fotografie that is not the case, yet life is still a visual environment. Look at the ISIS terrorist attack and the impact of seeing and hearing the attack taking place as a bystander recorded people reacting to and then fleeing from death.

I knew long ago deep in my soul that I was called to be a protector and teacher so others may learn how to protect themselves, family, and others. With that I have begun to redirect my efforts to the calling. I hope you find life, see truth, and turn toward the light of life, God.  Here I will post imagery of life, taken by myself and others. It is my hope you will see salvation and humanity God desires us to have.